DBA Complete Brand New Brake Calipers available from NZAD

The ever increasing range of new bolt off bolt on brake calipers from DBA are available from NZAD direct to your door. Did you know we are the largest online seller of DBA in the country? Send us an inquiry for any DBA product you need  

Redback Exhausts

NZAD is very pleased to land the first shipment of Redback Exhausts from Australia. These are considered the best quality aftermarket Heavy duty exhaust you can get. These are made in Australia.

Here we have a Heavy Duty performance Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser straight through 3" system retailing at $1299 in GST. This kit has a flexi joint and a cast dump pipe straight off the turbo, most aftermarket systems don't have this!!

Also it has 4 bolt flanges, heavy duty brackets,all mounting hardware and a polished tip. Get in touch if you want us to order one a system in for you as they are selling fast and they will all be gone soon.