Howe Racing


Ed Howe Chas Howe have this to say about their company Howeracing

"A lot of racing businesses have popped up during the past 30 years since Howe Racing Enterprises was founded. What has always separated us from the rest is that we came to be in business from racing rather than to racing from business. We simply sell products that we make for ourselves. Helping you to run faster and win races motivates us to keep building better products. By choosing Howe products you are equipping yourself with race tested products that you can buy with confidence, knowing that we stand behind them. The quality products that are the largest part of our business are merely offspring of developing faster, safer racecars. In addition to Howe manufactured products we sell other brands as well, but only from manufactures that meet our same standards. On this website you will find serious racing products, a complete line of chassis and components that will help to put you in the winners circle"


NZAD stocks Howe Concentric Slave/ Hydraulic Throw out bearings as we find these the best value for money and performance you can buy on the market today. We are able to procure any other Howe Products that you may require.

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