Marlin Crawler

Marlin Crawler, Inc. (Est. April 1994)

Marlin Crawler is the World Leader in Rock Crawling. We take pride in offering the absolute highest quality and longest lasting parts for your Toyota 4WD truck. But it doesn't stop there. We build adapters and kits to adapt our products to dozens of domestic and import applications.

Marlin Crawler's Mission

Provide high quality & unique rock crawling and competition parts by building innovative and reliable products that meet our customer's needs.

In order to achieve this mission, our actions are guided by the following five values:

Marlin Crawler's Values

• Continuous Improvement - Both in products and in staff

• Industry Leading Knowledge - Employees are highly knowledgeable in Toyota Rock Crawling & Truck building

• Natural Attitude - Our innovation stems from our Natural Rock Crawling Attitude

• High Performance Service - Industry leading parts and knowledge requires industry leading service

• Proactive - We identify and create opportunities to lead our employees to create the future we

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