NISSAN SKYLINE 4POT CALIPERNISSAN 4 pot caliper fitted to S14 S15 200SX/ Silvia's in Cast Iron Form.

Skyline R32/ R33 GTST have alloy versions with ribs
Both are interchangeable and take the same DB1170 pads also fitted to Z32 300ZX Fairlady all these calipers fit a 280x32mm rotor.

The R32 GTR without Brembo calipers run a similar version but with a larger 296x 32mm rotors

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Subaru WRX 4 Pot caliperSubaru 4 Pot caliper fitted to many different Legacy WRX Impreza and Foresters they take a 294x24mm rotor and the DB1170 Pad

Tags: Subaru, 4 Port Caliper, Fitment, Brake Pads

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