Ceramic Brake Pads Ft Toyota Caldina Corolla DB308

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NZAD is proud to offer a range of High Quality CERAMAX QS Ceramic brake pads. These pads is exclusive to NZAD and offers the following qualities

-Safe sure stopping power
-Ceramic compound-Quiet Braking
-Less Visible Dust
-High Temp Performance- less fade and quicker recovery
-Less Aggressive Compound qualities -Improved pad and rotor wear
-Shims included- To help prevent bed in noise.

They will fit the following


-Caldina Van CT176V CT198V CT199V ET176V ET196V ST198V
-Caldina Wagon AT170G CT170G
-Camry CV20 SV20 SV22
-Carib AL25 AE95G AE111G AE114G, AE115G
-Carina AT150, AT151, AT160 AT170, AT171 AT190 AT191 AT192 AT212 CT150 CT170 ST150, ST162 ST170
-Carina Ed ST160 ST162 ST162 ST163 ST180, ST181
-Carina Van CT176V CT196V, CT197V CT198V, CT199V CT198V, CT199V ET176V ET196V ST198V ST198V
-Carina Wagon AT170G CT170G ST170G
-Celica ST160 ST162, ST162C (Convertible) ST163
-Corolla / Sprinter / Levin /Corolla Van /Trueno AE80, AE81, AE82 AE86 AE91, AE92 AE95, AE100, AE101 AE109V AE110, AE111 CE80 CE90 CE95 CE96V CE100 CE104 CE105V CE106V, CE107V CE108G CE109V CE110 CE113 CE114 CE116 EE96 EE97G EE98V EE100 EE103V,EE104G EE106V, EE107V EE108G AE115
-Corolla II / Corsa / Tercel AL20, AL21 EL30, EL31 EL41, EL43 EL45 EL51, EL53 EL55 NL30 NL40 NL50
-Corona inc VAN AT150 AT160 AT170 ST150 ST151 ST160 ST162 ST163 ST170 CT176V ET176V
-Corona EXIV ST180, ST181
-Paseo 1.5 Coupe
-Premio AT150 AT160 AT170 CT150 CT170 ST150 ST151 ST160 ST162 -ST163 ST150 ST170
-Raum EXZ10 EXZ15
-Sera EXY10
-Starlet EP81, EP82 EP85 EP91 EP95 NP80 NP90
-Supra 3.0 1985-88
-Vista SV10 CV20 SV20 SV22

All effort is made to make sure these listings are correct but if your vehicle happens to have different pads we will return for exchange.(Buyer must return to us)

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