Holden VT VX VU VY VZ Drive in Brake replacement

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NZ AUTOMOTIVE DISTRIBUTORS LTD and The Worx Automotive Glendene is offering Auckland Customers Drive-in Full Front brake Replacement including fluid change + Free 25 point undercar safety inspection!!!!!!!
This auction is for a complete front brake rotor and pad replacement for
Holden COMMODORE 9/97-8/06
Standard Brake system
Statesman and Caprice
Crewman S SS 2wd
Cv6 Cv8
(Non HSV)
Parts supplied (Front Only)
*New High Quality Brembo Front brake Rotors x2
*New High Quality Mintye Semi Metallic Front Pads
*Front wheels removed and wheel stud threads inspected.
*Front brake calipers removed and degreased, slide pins cleaned of corrosion and greased so calipers slide freely.
*Rotors removed and hub faces cleaned to ensure true mounting face for rotors.
*New Rotors fitted and hub checked for runout.
* New Pads fitted with anti seize compound.
*Wheel refitted and wheel nuts torqued.
*FULL Brake system flush with new fluid and system bleed.
*Full undercar saftey inspection performed with written notes
*Road test and initial brake bed in performed.
Please note rear brakes can be replaced for extra cost
The Worx Workshop is located in Glendene so please bear in mind you will need to make arrangements to drop the vehicle off.Please note as this is a busy workshop appointments must be made.

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