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HOWE Racing Hydraulic Throw Out Release bearing- concentric slave cylinder for Multi plate reduced Diamter clutches 7-1/4" and 5.5"

This is a universal cylinder that can be used instead of a fork and standard release bearing setup for Twin or Multi plate clutches.

At only 1.8 lbs. this Howe hydraulic throw out bearing is the lightest available. It is not made from a porous casting, but from tough billet aluminum. Compatible with most reduced diameter racing clutches including Clutchmasters, Quarter Master and Tilton.

The unit installs by simply removing four of the bearing retainer bolts and replacing them with the provided studs(imperial). This throw out bearing will not work with stock raised diaphragm V8 clutch but some Toyota ones if they require minimal release . Fully compressed, the unit is 2-3/8" thick and will need at least .060 working clearance. Fully extended it is 2-3/4" thick extended providing 3/8" throw.

The bore of this CSC is designed to work with American transmissions such as Saginaw, T-10, Muncie and Jerico 1.379"/35mm but can be used on Japanese Gearboxes which they are commonly used for - Toyota R154- W Series, Nissan RB20/ 25 etc . It's recommend that you run a 3/4" master cylinder.

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