Marlin Crawler HD Shifter Seat Blue Transfer Case

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NZAD is proud to offer Toyota Transmission parts from World famous Marlin Crawler from the USA

This auction is for a Heavy Duty Shift Lever Ball Seats . Made from Delrin much more durable material than factory Toyota seat yet is cheaper.

This handy item takes up the slop in the shifter stick on Toyota transmissions and should be combined with the shifter ball socket we have advertised in other auctions

It's common for the transfer case lever ball seat to wear, crumble and disintegrate over time. This often results in a sloppy or loose transmission shifter. The factory seat is soft so it can be squeezed into position. MC took a different approach, and machined groves into the sides of their heavy duty seats. Instead of squeezing the seat into place, the groves on each side allows ours to rotate into it's final position. This allows them to make thier seat from stronger, longer lasting USA-made Delrin. Their new heavy duty seats will far out last the stock units and will reduce shifter slop.

This is the blue one that is designed for the transfer case lever. Forward shifting style Transfer case seat or top shift chain drive t/case seat

The Diameter of the shifter seat is 39mm please measure your gearbox and choose carefully

W55 W56 W57 W58 W59 G52 R150 R151 R154

Please also see our Marlin Crawler Shifter Ball Sockets


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