Moreys Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer Additive

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NZAD is proud to announce that we are stockists of the Original World Famous Morey's range of oil and fuel additives.

Auction is for a 1litre container of


*Suitable for Petrol, Diesel LPG CNG engines both new and old
*Power Steering units
*Manual Gearboxes
*Automatic Transmissions
*Hydrualic Systems
*Chains and bushings

Morey's Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer helps protect components by clingling to all moving parts and preventing metal to metal contact, it imporves lubricity during use and after shutdown. It will blend with any type of oil Synthetic or Petroleum based.

*Cooler operating temperatures in engines and gearboxes
*No dry starts
*Improved oil pressure
*Extends life of regular oil
*Easier cold starting
*Helps stop blow by
*Improved engine cleaning

MOREY'S HEAVY DUTY OIL STABILIZER has proven its unique ability to ''stabilize'' all engine oils in Diesel, Petrol, CNG, LPG, fuelled vehicles. It has also earned the same reputation in gear and hydraulic oils. MOREY'S has truly earned its outstanding world-wide reputation for doing exactly what it claims, doing it consistently, and doing it well. 'Stabilize' is our term for making oils work better, harder, and longer at their fundamental job of lubricating and protecting equipment.MOREY'S boosts the oil's performance and the vehicle's performance as well, be they new, newly rebuilt or worn. With MOREY'S HEAVY DUTY OIL STABILIZER, YOUR ENGINE AND EQUIPMENT WILL: Run smoother - Run cooler - Run cleaner - Develop more power - Use less fuel - Use less oil

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