Moreys Upper Cylinder Lube Injector Clean Additive

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NZAD is proud to announce that we are stockists of the Original World Famous Morey's range of oil and fuel additives.

Auction is for a 1litre container of

MOREY'S Upper Cylinder Lubricant

*Suitable for Petrol LPG CNG engines both new and old

MOREY'S Upper Cylinder Lubricant can either be put into the fuel tank or administered into the engine using Moreys Power Booster.

MOREY'S Upper Cylinder Lubricant is a Valve seat protector and replaces the need for lead in Unleaded Fuel

It is a premium combustion chamber cleaner & upper cylinder lubricant. It's high fire point ensures a film of lubricant remains on vital contact areas throughout the combustion process.

***1 litre treats up to 650 litres of fuel***

*Cleans carburettors and injectors and keeps them clean
*Improves fuel economy to more than pay for itself
*Improves fuel stability
*Improves compression by supieror sealing
*Reduces emissions and smoke
*Reduces rust and corrosion,makes fuel filters last longer
*Reduces Injector scuffing,increases fuel system life.
*Stops Carbon Build-up & its reformation
*Keeps plugs clean for easier starting & smoother idling
*keeps seals soft and pliable

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