Honda MDX YD1 Front Ceramic Brake Pads

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NZAD is proud to offer a range of High Quality CERAMAX QS Ceramic brake pads at a very good price.

The New Range of pads is exclusive to NZAD and offers the following qualities

-Safe sure stopping power
-Ceramic compound-Quiet Braking
-Less Visible Dust-Cleaner wheels
-High Temp Performance- less fade and quicker recovery
-Less Aggressive Compound qualities -Improved pad and rotor wear
-Shims included- To help prevent bed in noise.

They will fit the following


MAKE: Isuzu , Honda , Nissan



• MDX YD1 2003-on


• Como E24 KA20, KA24 1996-on
• Como E24 QD32 (Opt) 1996-on
• Como E50 1997-on
• Fargo E24 (KA20DE, KA24DE) (QD32) (Opt) 1996-on
• Fargo E50 1997-on


• Bssara JU30 1999-03
• Cima FGY33 VG30DET 1997-01
• Cima FGY33 VH41DE 1996-01
• Elgrand E50 97-02
• Elgrand AE50 98-on
• Elgrand E51 02-on
• Presage U30 U31 06/98-on
• Quest 2004-on
• Rnessa N30 (4wd) 1997-on
• X-Trail T30 2000-on
• Caravan AE50 1998-on
• Caravan E24 1999-on
• Caravan E50 1997-on
• Caravan E51 2002-on
• C24 1999-on
• Homy E24 1999-on
• Homy E50 1997-on
• Pathfinder R50, JR50 1996-on
• Regulus 1996-on
• Serena Van C24 99-05
• Terrano R50, JR50. 1995-on
• Vanette C24 1999-on
• X-Trail 2001-on

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