Subaru Impreza WRX Front Ceramic Brake Pads

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NZAD is proud to offer a range of High Quality CERAMAX QS Ceramic brake pads at a very good price.

The New Range of pads is exclusive to NZAD and offers the following qualities

-Safe sure stopping power
-Ceramic compound-Quiet Braking
-Less Visible Dust-Cleaner wheels
-High Temp Performance- less fade and quicker recovery
-Less Aggressive Compound qualities -Improved pad and rotor wear
-Shims included- To help prevent bed in noise.

They will fit the following


MAKE: Subaru


Forester SF5, SF9 1997-02
Impreza GC8 WRX, WRX-RA (non abs)WRX-RA (abs) 1996-97
Impreza GC8 WRX (15" 16' whls) 1997-98
Impreza GC8 SRX, WRX, WRX-RA 1998-on
Impreza GC8 WRX-STi-V (Opt) 1998-on
Impreza GF8 WRX-STi (non abs) 1998-on
Impreza GF8 WRX-STi (abs) 1998-on
Impreza GF8 WRX (non abs) 1996-on
Impreza GF8 WRX (abs) 1996-on
Impreza GF8 WRX-STi-RA 1998-on
Legacy BD5 BD9 GT, GT-B, GT-V, RS, 250T 1996-97
Legacy BD5 GT, BD5 TS-R (16"whls), GT-B, TS-B, TS-RB, RS, 250T/S 1997-98
Legacy BD9 1997-98
Legacy BEE 1998-03
Legacy BE5 (Opt) 1998-03
Legacy BE9 1998-03
Legacy BGC 1996-98
Legacy BG5 1997-98
Legacy BG5 TS-R (16"whls) GT, GT-B, TS-B, TS-RB, RS, 250T/S 1997-98
Legacy BG9 1996-98
Legacy BHC, BHE GTB (Opt) 1998-03
Legacy BHC, BHE GT, GT30, TSR, TS 1998-03
Legacy BHC, BHE 250T, 250S, 250TB, S, 6ADA 1998-03
Legacy BHC, BHE VDC (abs)
Legacy BH5, BH9 GTB (Opt) BH9 GT, GT30, TSR, TS 1998-03
Legacy BH5, BH9 250T, 250S, 250TB, S, 6ADA,VDC (abs) 1998-03
Outback EBF 7 1997-on
Outback 2.5, 3.0i H6 2000-03

All effort is made to make sure these listings are correct but if your vehicle happens to have different pads we will return for exchange.(Buyer must return to us)

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