Toyota 3L 5L Hilux LN106 LN130 New Clutch kit

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These Clutch kits are Brand New!! Not remanufactured, and come with a 1 year/10,000km warranty when fitted to stock vehicles with a machined Flywheel.

This High quality Clutch Industries replacement clutch kit includes
*Brand New Pressure plate
*Brand New Clutch disc
*Brand New Release bearing

SIZE: 236x21T x29mm

LN61 10/89-12/94 3L 2.8Ltr
LN106 08/88-08/97 3L 2.8Ltr
LN111 08/88-08/97 3L 2.8Ltr
LN130 (SURF) 08/91-12/98 2LT 2.4Ltr ( With solid flywheel)
LN130 (SURF) 06/89-12/98 3L 2.8Ltr
LN130 06/89-12/98 3L 2.8Ltr
LN131 01/89-12/94 3L 2.8Ltr
LN147 08/97-04/05 5L 3.0Ltr
LN152 08/97-04/05 5L 3.0Ltr
LN160 08/97- 5L 3.0Ltr
LN166 08/97 5L 3.0Ltr
LN167 08/97-04/05 5L 3.0Ltr
LN172 08/97-04/05 5L 3.0Ltr
LN192 08/97-04/05 5L 3.0Ltr

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