Toyota HEAVY DUTY RPM 3L 5L Hilux New Clutch kit

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These Kits have an Increased Clamp Load Pressure Plate
suitable for modified engines producing more torque, used for towing or drivers who just like a better feeling clutch .

This High quality HEAVY DUTY RPM clutch kit includes
Brand New HEAVY DUTY Pressure plate
Brand New Organic Clutch disc
Brand New Release bearing

HEAVY DUTY RPM clutch kit to suit
SIZE: 236x21T x29mm

LN61 10/89-12/94 3L 2.8Ltr
LN106 08/88-08/97 3L 2.8Ltr
LN111 08/88-08/97 3L 2.8Ltr
LN130 (SURF) 08/91-12/98 2LT 2.4Ltr ( With solid flywheel)
LN130 (SURF) 06/89-12/98 3L 2.8Ltr
LN130 06/89-12/98 3L 2.8Ltr
LN131 01/89-12/94 3L 2.8Ltr
LN147 08/97-04/05 5L 3.0Ltr
LN152 08/97-04/05 5L 3.0Ltr
LN160 08/97- 5L 3.0Ltr
LN166 08/97 5L 3.0Ltr
LN167 08/97-04/05 5L 3.0Ltr
LN172 08/97-04/05 5L 3.0Ltr
LN192 08/97-04/05 5L 3.0Ltr

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