Toyota R154 Supra Chromoly Thrust Washer Upgrade

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NZAD is proud to offer Toyota Transmission parts from World famous Marlin Crawler from the USA- please see our auction for shifter upgade parts

This auction is for a Chromoly Heavy duty upgrade washer to suit Toyota R series transmissions.

The Toyota R Series transmission is one of the strongest Toyota offer and are fitted to alot of 2WD and 4WD vehicles around the world. These gearboxes are pretty strong but have a few flaws however these can be fixed and the box made near bullet proof.

The Factory first gear thrust washers are prone to failing under heavy loading due to a narrow crosssection with a square lock-pin keyway

Marlin Crawler has developed a new thrust washer that features a larger cross-section with a rounded lock-pin keyway. To top it off, it's made from heat treated & vacuum arc remelted (VAR) Chromoly steel. New hardened pin included.

We recommend this thrust washer for those who are pushing 300+ ft-lbs of torque through their R-series transmission.

Will fit R150, R150F, R151, R151F, R154, and other R-series transmissions.

Please see pic for pics of failed factory thrust washers.

We have these washers fitted to our V8 and V12 Toyota R series gearboxes to help handle the extra torque.


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