Toyota RWD Heavy Duty Shift Lever Socket Bush W58

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NZAD is proud to offer Toyota Transmission parts from World famous Marlin Crawler from the USA- please see our auction for shifter upgade parts

This auction is for a Heavy Duty Shifter Socket Bush. Made from a harder more durable material than factory Toyota yet is cheaper.

This handy item takes up the slop in the shifter stick on pretty much all manual transmissions except some of the L43 4 speed gearboxes.

Fits W55 W56 W57 W58 W59 G52 R150 R151 R154 and many other gearboxes.

Please note on some of the w series transmissions if the OEM socket has broken and the steel ball has been contacting the shift linakge it will most likely have damaged the surrounding steel and this may not take up all the slack and may need repair. Please check before installing.

Please also see our Marlin Crawler Shifter Ball Seats

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