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HOWE Racing Hydraulic Throw Out Release bearing- concentric slave cylinder.

This is a universal cylinder that can be used instead of a fork and standard release bearing setup. This kit comes with a remote braided hose kit. We can sell without if needed.

The bore of this CSC are designed to work with American transmissions such as Saginaw, T-10, Muncie and Jerico 1.379"/35mm but can be used on Japanese Gearboxes which they are commonly used for - Toyota R154- W Series, Nissan RB20/ 25 etc however these units come with a standard flat face bearing and are designed to run on rolled tip diaphragms pressure plates commonly found on Ford and Chev V8 engines so if you want to run them on a normal flat diaphragm pressure plate you must change the bearing to one with a radius we can supply these. Failure to do this will cause this unit to essentially push the diaphragm out of the pressure plate and put loading on your crank- so please be careful matching the correct bearing to your appilcation.

This unit slips over the output shaft snout and comes with spacers so the unit can be setup to correct height. Also comes with studs to secure unit from moving although are imperial. Unit compressed height is 1.688/42.8mm to a max of 2.375" /60.3mm giving a max 17.4mm of travel. It's recommend that you run a 3/4" master cylinder.

We can also do Throw out bearings for reduced diameter twin and triple plate clutches please see other listings

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